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All twelve departments make spending plans available. Download here.

By NICVA 6 Jan 2011 Lisa McElherron

Download each department's spending plan as it becomes available.

NICVA calls for the publication of Departmental Spending Plans

By NICVA 3 Jan 2011 Seamus McAleavey

NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey has called on NI Executive Ministers to publish their Spending Plans as part of the Budget process.  “It is three weeks now since Finance Minister Sammy Wilson published a draft budget for consultation

New ‘Additional Paternity Leave and Pay’ April 2011

By NICVA 22 Dec 2010

A new piece of legislation has been implemented which will affect parents of children born on or after 3rd April 2011.

Jubilee– leave or not to leave?

By NICVA 22 Dec 2010

The Government has agreed to mark Tuesday 5 June 2012 as a new public holiday date in the 2012 calendar.

Consultation on draft budget gets underway

By NICVA 22 Dec 2010 Lisa McElherron

NICVA is arranging dates for consultation meetings on the budget with each government department.

Green New Budget?

By NICVA 20 Dec 2010

The Green New Deal, the NI coalition group of which NICVA is a member, is an amibitious investment programme, aiming to leverage significant funding to deliver energy efficiency measures and create several thousand jobs over a three year period. The Ex

Draft Budget 2011-2015 released for consultation

By NICVA 15 Dec 2010 Lisa McElherron

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson introduced a draft budget to the Assembly. Consultation on its content will be held over the next eight weeks and end on 9 February.

Plan ahead to get ahead

By NICVA 10 Dec 2010

"No one can be sure of continued secured employment. Many employers have been reducing working hours and / or introducing pay cuts. The future is uncertain. Be in control of your destiny. Plan ahead to get ahead."

New research confirms sectors worst fears on Welfare Reform

By NICVA 10 Dec 2010 Lisa McElherron

One of the key elements of NICVA's Smart Solutions in Tough Times campaign has been protecting vulnerable people and communities from the worst impacts of the recession and outcomes of the Comprehensive Spending Review.  The changes to social secu

Child Protection and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - Guidance and Training

By NICVA 7 Dec 2010

Sources for standards, guidance and training on child protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults in Northern Ireland.

First Minister expects budget by Christmas

By NICVA 6 Dec 2010 Lisa McElherron

First Minister Peter Robinson told the Chief Executives Forum conference on the 3 December, that he fully expected a budget to be agreed by Christmas.  He added that he was confident that the agreed budget would be for four years. Minister Ro

Minister Kennedy calls for authentic partnership with sector at UUP party conference.

By NICVA 6 Dec 2010 Lisa McElherron

In his address to the UUP Annual Conference Employment and Learning Minister Danny Kennedy spoke of the role voluntary and community organisations play as ‘valued partners’ in  addressing disadvantage and educational under attainment.

Children's Services Planning Nominations 2010

By NICVA 1 Dec 2010

Children in Northern Ireland (CiNI) has been requested by the Director of Social Care and Children, Health and Social Care Board to co-ordinate, in liaison with NICVA and NICEM, the recruitment process for community, voluntary and BME sector representa

Salary Survey 2010

By NICVA 1 Dec 2010 Andrea Thornbury

NICVA’S Salary Survey 2010 is the third such study carried out in Northern Ireland. It focuses on the workforce composition of the voluntary and community sector and considers the issues of recruitment and retention as well as salaries and benefits.

Role of the voluntary and community sector debated at DUP party conference

By NICVA 29 Nov 2010 Lisa McElherron

NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey participated in a panel discussion on Reforming Government and Financing Public Services, as part of the DUP annual party conference

Politicians hear concerns over welfare reform and cuts to services

By NICVA 25 Nov 2010 Lisa McElherron

Members of the Assembly Social Development Committee stepped out of Stormont and held a special evidence gathering session in the offices of the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA). The Committee wanted to question the voluntary and c

NICVA 72nd Annual General Meeting

By NICVA 22 Nov 2010

NICVA's 72nd AGM took place on Friday 19 November, at NICVA's offices in Belfast, and was attended by over 50 members.

Upcoming Policy Forum dates

By NICVA 22 Nov 2010

Are you or your organisation interested in trying to influence decision-makers?

Viewfinder 9

By NICVA 22 Nov 2010 Andrea Thornbury

This Viewfinder survey looks at awareness of the new Charity Commission and preparedness for the new regulations; the Code of Good Governance; collaborative working and mergers; the impact of the economic recession and volunteering.

Ever asked yourself - why is politics still done like this?

By NICVA 15 Nov 2010 Lisa McElherron

The popular blog Slugger O'Toole has a series of Political Innovation events planned throughout the UK and Ireland. NICVA is pleased to host the Belfast event on Saturday 20th Nove


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