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Time off for Dependants (Carers Leave)

By NICVA 9 Apr 2008 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA’s policy with regards to time off for dependants (also known as carers leave).

Staff Working Hours

By NICVA 9 Apr 2008 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA’s policy with regard to staff working hours.

Smoking Policy

By NICVA 27 Feb 2008 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA’s policy with regards to smoking.

Charities Bill: Extension of Committee Stage

By NICVA 12 Feb 2008 Denise Copeland

The Charities Bill will not be enacted in the first part of 2008 as had been anticipated.

Charities Bill for Northern Ireland Introduced

By NICVA 12 Dec 2007 Denise Copeland

The Charities Bill for Northern Ireland was introduced to the Assembly on 10 December 2007. 

Viewfinder 7

By NICVA 1 Oct 2007 Andrea Thornbury

This Viewfinder covers issues such as the smoking ban, devolution in Northern Ireland, the issue of a draft Code of Governance for the voluntary and community sector, as well as the idea of mergers.

Guidance on Reserves

By NICVA 16 Aug 2007 Denise Copeland

This guidance was drawn up by the Department of Finance and Personnel following consultation with the voluntary and community sector and is of relevance to voluntary and community organisations, statutory bodies and funders generally.

The Charities (NI) Order 2007 - Background Information

By NICVA 20 Jan 2007 Denise Copeland

The Charities (NI) Order 2007 which was laid before parliament in January will not continue its passage through Westminster as planned. 

Viewfinder 6

By NICVA 1 Sep 2006 Andrea Thornbury

This Viewfinder survey deals with issues as the summer marching season, the end of academic selection and training of board members.

NICVA Response to the Draft Charities (NI) Order 2006

By NICVA 1 Jul 2006 Denise Copeland

NICVA's response to the Department for Social Development’s (DSD) consultation paper on Draft Primary Legislation for the Charities (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

Salary Survey 2006

By NICVA 1 Jul 2006 Andrea Thornbury

This report is the second study of its kind completed by NICVA in the past five years. It looks at workforce composition with regard to age, sex, contracts, job titles and remuneration levels.

Viewfinder 5

By NICVA 1 Mar 2006 Andrea Thornbury

Viewfinder 5 investigated the sector's opinion on a proposed smoking ban, gauged the opinion of the sector on the importance of the Review of Public Administration, and childcare in the sector.

State of the Sector IV

By NICVA 1 Nov 2005 Andrea Thornbury

The State of the Sector IV research adds to the already broad and in-depth knowledge of the sector by examining many of the key issues currently affecting and shaping it.

Charitable Giving in Northern Ireland 2005

By NICVA 1 Sep 2005 Andrea Thornbury

This research provides a detailed insight into the profile of donors and giving patterns in Northern Ireland.

Viewfinder 4

By NICVA 1 Jul 2005 Andrea Thornbury

This Viewfinder survey examined the voluntary and community sector on a range of issues, including smoking, political situation, policy debate, governance and fundraising.

Telling the Story of Peace II

By NICVA 1 Oct 2004 Andrea Thornbury

An assessment of the impact of PEACE II funding in Strabane, East Belfast and Cavan Special EU Programmes Body.

Viewfinder 3

By NICVA 1 Jun 2004 Andrea Thornbury

Viewfinder 3 showed underutilisation of Gift Aid schemes, annoyance at the difficulty faced when attempting to secure media coverage of issues and events, and a sector unsure of its future role in the delivery of public services.

Viewfinder 2

By NICVA 1 Mar 2004 Andrea Thornbury

The second Viewfinder has providing an insight into the views of the sector on issues such as Community Relations, Taskforce, 60 Day Action Team and Civil Society.

Drifting Off Course?

By NICVA 20 Jan 2004 Andrea Thornbury

Research on the impact of public service delivery from the perspective of the voluntary and community sector and government. A report originally prepared for the Task Force.

Viewfinder 1

By NICVA 1 Dec 2003 Andrea Thornbury

Viewfinder 1 investigated the political situation in Northern Ireland, the possible introduction of Peace III, the level of engagement by business on committees and the level of preparedness of the sector for the introduction of the Euro.

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