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CSR briefing with OFMdFM

By NICVA 26 Aug 2010

As part of the Smart Solutions in Tough Times series, NICVA hosted officials from the Office of the First and deputy First Minister, who presented a briefing on the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Employment Equality FAQs #1 - Should I advertise all job vacancies in newspapers?

By NICVA 24 Aug 2010

This is the first in a series of frequently asked questions & answers prepared by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. If you have an equality related query please contact Brian Drury on 028 9050 0638.

Real savings on electricity costs

By NICVA 24 Aug 2010

NICVA is delighted to announce a new energy supply deal for our members. In the current economic environment, finding ways to reduce costs is essential in order to remain efficient and therefore competitive. Many groups are struggling to cope with redu

Changes to Flexible Working 18 July 2010

By NICVA 20 Aug 2010

From 18th July 2010, the right to request flexible working extends to parents of children aged 16 and under.

Establishment of Register of Charities Delayed

By NICVA 18 Jun 2010 Denise Copeland

The Charity Commission has identified a potential technical hitch with some of the wording in the Charities Act and has asked the Department for Social Development to investigate.

Register of Charities Timescale Announced

By NICVA 8 Jun 2010 Denise Copeland

The Charity Commission has announced that the Register of Charities for Northern Ireland will be operational by the end of June.  

Impact of the Recession - Case Studies from the Sector (2010)

By NICVA 20 Apr 2010 Andrea Thornbury

This research investigates how the impact of the recession is affecting organisations within the voluntary and community sector, and how these organisations are dealing with these effects.

Managing to Deliver: Public Service Delivery in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 1 Apr 2010 Andrea Thornbury

This research examines the impact of public service delivery in Northern Ireland and involved analysing the impact of contracted public services and developing a detailed assessment of the economic scale of public service delivery.

Risk Assessment

By NICVA 1 Feb 2010 Denise Copeland

This article provides clear, concise information and a straightforward guide to risk assessment. It will help your committee/board to adhere to Principle 4 of the Code of Good Governance: Exercising appropriate control.

Latest news from the Charity Commission

By NICVA 10 Jan 2010 Denise Copeland

NICVA has got the latest update on the implementation timetable for various provisions of the Charities Act following a recent meeting with the Secretariat of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Dignity at Work

By NICVA 5 Jan 2010 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA’s policy regarding dignity at work including procedures for dealing with bullying and harrassment.

Road Safety

By NICVA 9 Dec 2009 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA’s policy with regards to road safey and driving for work purposes.

Examples of Offences Which Can Lead to Summary Dismissal or Suspension Followed by Dismissal

By NICVA 9 Dec 2009 Alex Hastings

This article outlines examples of offences that may lead to suspension or dismissal for NICVA employees.

Harassment in the Workplace

By NICVA 9 Dec 2009 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA’s policy regarding harassment in the workplace.

Examples of Offences Attracting Disciplinary Action

By NICVA 13 Nov 2009 Alex Hastings

This article outlines examples of offences that may lead to disciplinary action for NICVA employees.

The Impact of Recession on the Sector (2009)

By NICVA 10 Nov 2009 Andrea Thornbury

This research provides a snapshot of the emerging impacts of the recession on the voluntary and community sector.


By NICVA 1 Nov 2009 Denise Copeland

Voluntary and community groups may want or need to establish sub-committees to tackle specific projects or investigate new areas of work. Using sub-committees allows more time to focus on specific issues and involve expertise from outside the committee.

Public Benefit Test Guidance Consultation Launched

By NICVA 1 Sep 2009 Denise Copeland

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has embarked on its first major piece of work with the launch of the public benefit test guidance for consultation on 3 September in NICVA.

Viewfinder 8

By NICVA 22 Apr 2009 Andrea Thornbury

This viewfinder survey focuses the impact of the current economic downturn on the voluntary and community sector.

State of the Sector V

By NICVA 1 Feb 2009 Andrea Thornbury

State of the Sector V assesses how the voluntary and community sector is funded, how many people it employs and how many volunteers are involved with organisations.

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