Advocacy & Government Engagement (COVID19)

Representing the sector to government and other stakeholders to manage the impact of the COVID19 pandemic


DfC COVID-19 Community Response Plan

The Department for Communities has produced a COVID-19 Community Response Plan which summarises the range of actions being taken forward by the Department and its partners to enable the community response on the ground to COVID-19.  

Local Community Pharmacy Volunteer Programme offers guidance and support

The Community Development Health Network (CDHN) is providing guidance and support to groups offering volunteering support to community pharmacies 

Raising your Covid-19 questions and concerns with government

Read here how NICVA is putting to government and seeking urgent answers to the many recurring Covid-19-related questions and concerns which voluntary and community organisations have been raising with us.  

How our sector needs supported in the current crisis

Our recent Covid-19 survey reveals the support needs of voluntary and community organisations in the current crisis

What sector organisations are having to do in the current crisis

Our recent Covid-19 impacts survey reveals what sector organisations are doing and planning to try to survive and give support in the current crisis

How Covid-19 is Impacting Sector Organisations

Further analysis of the responses to the recent NICVA Covid-19 survey has revealed more details on how the current crisis is affecting sector organisations

NICVA Covid-19 Impact Survey 2020

Voluntary and community organisations have responded to a NICVA survey issued this week to gather information on the impacts being felt by organisations due to the Covid-19 crisis and the support and guidance organisations are seeking.  

Representing your Covid-19 concerns to Government

NICVA is working hard to highlight to government the questions and concerns that sector organisations have been raising with us about how Covid-19 is impacting on their work and the people who depend upon them.'s picture

Geoff Nuttall

Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Share your COVID-19 support service information

Organisations providing support to people and communities during the COVID-19 emergency can share their service information

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