Data and Technology (COVID19)

Harnessing voluntary and community sector data and technologies to support organisations and the fight against the COVID19 pandemic


StopCOVID NI mobile app launched

Northern Ireland’s Health service has launched this mobile phone App to help ‘contact tracing’ of people potentially infected by the virus. It is a major aid in the battle to control the spread and stop a return to lockdown.

Launch of National Cyber Security Centre's 'Cyber Aware' campaign

In response to a recent increase in cyber threats and scams around Covid-19, NCSC has launched a campaign to help protect us all online.

Share your COVID-19 support service information

If your organisation is offering help to the public or to other organisations, please take some time to share this information

Data protection and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic will undoubtedly affect how your organisation operates. Make sure that your use of personal data is in line with protection law.

Share your COVID-19 support service information

Organisations providing support to people and communities during the COVID-19 emergency can share their service information

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