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    Regular and relevant updates for voluntary and community organisations on key developments in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic

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    Assess and mitigate the damage and impact the COVID19 pandemic on funding and fundraising in the voluntary and community sector.

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    Distilled and relevant guidance for voluntary and community organisations managing the impact of the COVID19 pandemic

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    Guidance for voluntary and community sector organisations to maintain good governance in the midst of the global COVID19 pandemic

Latest COVID-19 Articles and Information

Practical Considerations for Returning to Premises

By NICVA 23 Jul 2020 COVID 19, Running your Organisation (COVID19), Employment and HR (COVID19), HR

As many voluntary and community organisations begin to make important preparations for reopening offices and community facilities, NICVA have arranged a series of seminars to help prepare for that return.

6 HR considerations when returning to premises

By NICVA 22 Jul 2020 COVID 19; HR, Employment and HR (COVID19), Running your Organisation (COVID19)

Alex Hastings, NICVA's HR manager, gives us a few things to consider in terms of human resources as we return to premises and work. Below are 6 HR take-aways from the Return to Premises webinar on 22 July 2020.

Return to premises: resources & webinar recording

By NICVA 22 Jul 2020 COVID 19, Running your Organisation (COVID19)

On Wednesday 22 July 2020 NICVA hosted a webinar with speakers from Public Health Agency (PHA), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Marsh Ltd on return to premises with 289 people attending.

New UU Report Highlights Groups Most Vulnerable to Covid-19 Job Losses

By NICVA 21 Jul 2020 COVID 19, Policy & Public Affairs, Advocacy & Government Engagement (COVID19)

New research by the University of Ulster has highlighted that almost a third of NI jobs are still vulnerable as a result of Covid-19, even following the easing of social distancing restrictions 

Risk management guidance to help you move forward

By NICVA 17 Jul 2020 Governance (COVID19), C19

Many boards will be faced with making difficult decisions in the near future so it is imperative that they are getting the right information to help achieve the best outcomes for their organisations.  

Maghaberry – pulling together through Covid 19

By NICVA 16 Jul 2020 COVID 19 Action with Local Councils

Tracey Crothers, Manager of the Maghaberry Community Centre, talked to NICVA’s Helen McLaughlin about their community’s response to COVID 19 and why a local resident sings them songs over the phone to say thank-you!

Charity street collections can resume

By NICVA 9 Jul 2020 Funding and Fundraising (COVID19), Fundraising Regulation

The PSNI has announced that street collections can recommence if collectors use a suitable object to adhere to the one metre social distancing rule. 

Financial Planning Webinar - with Rosemary Gallagher

By NICVA 9 Jul 2020 Governance and Charity Advice, Governance (COVID19), Training and Skills Development

NICVA facilitated a webinar on 3 July 2020 on Finanical Planning.    Thanks to Rosemary Peters Gallagher OBE (Moore NI LLP) for delivering the session

New Government Covid-19 Funding Announced

By NICVA 9 Jul 2020 COVID 19, Funding and Fundraising (COVID19), Policy & Public Affairs

UK and NI Governments announce new Covid-19 funding programmes.

Test, trace and protect webinar with Public Health Agency - recording

By NICVA 8 Jul 2020 COVID19 Updates

On 7 July NICVA hosted a webinar with the Public Health Agency on Staying out of lockdown: test, trace and protect. We were joined by over 60 people to learn more about how we can protect our communities and keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay.

Risk assessment - returning to premises safely

By NICVA 5 Jul 2020 COVID 19, Running your Organisation (COVID19), Employment and HR (COVID19), Governance (COVID19)

Many organisations are preparing to return to their premises safely. It is essential that risk assessments are carried out for both your building and your activities.  This article provides some templates as well as helpful advice.

Creating/reviewing your reserves policy webinar recording

By NICVA 2 Jul 2020 Governance (COVID19), COVID 19

If you missed our webinar on 'creating/reviewing your reserves policy'  you can watch it now via the link below.

New Government report warns of 'devastating impact' of Covid-19 on NI economy and jobs

By NICVA 1 Jul 2020 Policy & Public Affairs, Advocacy & Government Engagement (COVID19)

A new report, just released by the NI Department for the Economy, highlights the major impacts the Covid-19 outbreak has had, and is likely to continue to have on the Northern Ireland economy

Support for childcare during COVID19

By NICVA 29 Jun 2020 COVID19 Updates

Childcare has been a critical issue throughout the COVID19 pandemic. 

Staying out of Lockdown: Test, Trace and Protect with the Public Health Agency (Rescheduled)

By NICVA 29 Jun 2020 COVID19 Updates, Data and Technology (COVID19)

As we move back towards a less restrictive working and living environment, we must keep the virus under control. Failure to do that could set us back immeasurably. The World Health Organisation and every public health authority agrees that to protect our community requires sound testing, contact tracing and isolation of the virus to reduce transmission.

Keeping Well at Home booklet launched

By NICVA 25 Jun 2020 COVID19 Updates

Age Friendly Network NI and the Public Health Agency have produced a 'Keeping Well at Home' booklet for older people who are digitally excluded while self-isolating during COVID-19.

The blessings of a cup of tea

By NICVA 21 Jun 2020 Mid Ulster District Council - Dungannon

The aim of The Niamh Louise Foundation is to provide a safe environment where anyone can drop in to chat about worrying thoughts, thoughts of suicide and/or self-harm.  The charity is well known for its provision of care and understanding.

COVID 19 Charities Fund Live Event

By NICVA 16 Jun 2020 Funding and Fundraising (COVID19), COVID19 Updates

On 15 June The Department for Communities opened £15.5M COVID-19 Charities Fund will provide grant awards to meet unavoidable costs for charities which have exhausted all other avenues of support and are facing imminent closure.

Returning to work

By NICVA 15 Jun 2020 COVID 19, Running your Organisation (COVID19)

Organisations returning to work or returning staff to the workplace will face a very different environment. This article which includes infection control and wellbeing, is one in series of articles outlining issues to consider.

The impact of COVID-19 on carers in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 12 Jun 2020 COVID19 Updates

A statement by the Coalition of Carers Organisations NI.

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