An introduction to corporate charity partnerships - free webinar **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

Registration closed
4 May 2022 -
10:00am to 11:00am

This is a free introductory session delivered by Remarkable Partnerships which will cover things you should consider when planning to work in partnership with corporates.

This is an introduction to the series of 3 two-hour workshops over May and June. This webinar and the 3-session course are designed and delivered by Remarkable Partnerships. Remarkable Partnerships are a team of consultants specializing in helping charities create major, long-term corporate partnerships.

Sometimes charities wonder why their corporate partnerships aren’t growing? It could be that they are underselling themselves, or focusing on companies that don’t fit with their cause, or struggling to really engage and inspire companies. They work with charities to improve their business development skills by being more engaging, focusing on the right prospects, developing compelling opportunities and securing more meetings.   

This free one-hour session will include: 

  • Why purpose has become so important to business.
  • Examples of purpose driven companies.
  • The impact of the pandemic.
  • Business priorities in the new landscape.

The series of 3 sessions on Corporate Charity Partnerships to follow on from this are on 25 May, 15 June and 29 June - you can book your place on this course here.

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