Big Gift Fundraising (CFNI) **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

Registration closed
12 May 2021 -
11:00am to 12:30pm

This webinar on Big Gift Fundraising is part of the CFNI Accelerator programme funded by The Department for Communities. It is delivered by Paul Artherton who has worked in PR and fundraising for almost 30 years.


Big Gift Fundraising represents an opportunity to get support from wealthier people. Traditionally it has been considered that only big organisations can get big gifts but this is not necessarily so. The definition of a wealthy person, someone who can make a significant gift, does not just include people on the rich list or who feature in the newspapers.

This session will introduce you to the principles of big gift fundraising with particular focus on why wealthy people might support your organisation or cause, how you should shape your message, what resources you need, how to go about making the ask and how to recognise support. While the principles of big gift fundraising are the same in most jurisdictions there are some special features about how big gift operates in N Ireland.


  • Understanding donor motivation
  • Developing the campaign and goal setting
  • Researching and assessing major gifts
  • Recruiting volunteers and culivation process
  • The ask/solicitation
  • Recognition and stewardship

About the speaker

Paul Artherton has a BA (Hons) from Queen’s University and a MA Degree from Pennsylvania State University. He has worked in PR and fundraising for nearly 30 years. Previously assistant director for fundraising and public relations at the Simon Community Northern Ireland for seven years, for the last 25 years he has run his own consultancy business specialising in fundraising, sponsorship, public relations and recruitment. His clients have included charities, private sector companies and public bodies throughout Ireland. In 2010 Paul was appointed by the Judicial Appointments Commission as a Member of the NI Charity Tribunal. He was the editor for Ireland of and in 2019 along with CFNI produced the toolkit ‘Major Donor Giving in Northern Ireland.’ 

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Online Session

This session will be facilitated online.  We'll provide instructions and support for participants to get setup.

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