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7 December 2021 -
2:00pm to 3:00pm

This one-hour session is part of the Digital Fundraising webinar series 2021. It will be delivered by Jonathan Muggleton and Charlotte Barnard from Supported Giving. This series is exclusive to NICVA members. It is for organisations who are starting out on their journey of online donations or who want to know more about some of the options available to collect donations digitally.


Jonathan Muggleton, Delivery & Operations Manager at Supported Business

Charlotte Barnard, Customer Success Executive at Supported Giving

Supported Giving strongly believe Cashless Donation solutions such as the use of QR Codes, Text to donate and Online Donations are the way forward. Since restrictions were lifted in April 2021, Mobile Payments increased drastically by 76%, with a 16% increase in charitable donations (BBC Report, 2021). Supported Giving aims to address today's needs for charities in cashless payments and Gift Aid (Supported Giving can help with all aspects of Gift Aid recovery). And their donation solutions, including QR codes and Text to donate are set up to all major credit cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay. QR Codes and Text to donate are highly versatile, not only can they be used to obtain donations but they can also be used for lotteries, raffles and auctions with massive marketing potential; vehicles, posters, leaflets, programmes, social media etc.

Jonathan and Charlotte will introduce:

  • Cashless Donations
  • QR2Donate and Text2Donate
  • Q&A

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