Dormant Accounts Fund webinar **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

Registration closed
13 May 2021 -
11:00am to 12:30pm

This webinar has been organised by NICVA and The National Lottery Community Fund to offer NICVA members and the wider voluntary and community sector the chance to find out what the Dormant Accounts Fund is about.

The session is aimed at groups who are already considering applying to this programme so it is advised that you read the webpage before registering to attend.

We will host Kate Beggs and Jenny Fitzgerald from The National Lottery Community Fund to tell us more about the Dormant Accounts Fund and what it can be used for. It is an opportunity to ask questions about the programme. You will be contacted in advance to ask you to submit your questions.

submit a question for the panel here 


The National Lottery Community Fund is advising organisations to take their time and think carefully about the changes they would need to make to ensure their organisation is more sustainable and resilience in the future. This blog contains guidance and key advice for organisations thinking about applying and the press release will tell you more about those organisations who have recently secured funding. 

Questions to the panel can be submitted using this short form by 10 May 2021


Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that you may be charged if you don't attend an event you have registered for—even in the case of free to access events. Full details on NICVA cancellation policy 




Online Session

This session will be facilitated online.  We'll provide instructions and support for participants to get setup.

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