Faith Engagement - Faith & Social Media: Twitter, Instagram. Canva **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

2 March 2021 -
10:00am to 11:30am

Social media is merely a tool, it provides a myriad of places where people go to interact with friends, follow celebrities and, hopefully find you! As vessels for your message, how should you use other social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram?

Being on Social Media is essential for generating visibility and helping people find out what you do. But, how do you know which is better for what you need as a small faith based charity? This webinar will help you navigate your way through each platform and signpost you to tools that can help make things easier.

This webinar will help you to achieve…

  1. Using Twitter and Instagram more effectively
  2. Importance of Video on Social Media
  3. Useful tools to help you

Cancellation Policy

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