26 April 2021 -
10:00am to 11:00am

The poor are not helpless!

Rather than alleviate poverty, the actions of well-meaning faith initiatives can inadvertently reinforce a lack of self-esteem in those deemed to be ‘poor’. Sometimes we love to play saviour” or Santa Claus, but this can be so disempowering to those we believe that we are helping.  Contrary to what we think and how we act, the poor are not actually helpless; rather, every person has worth and something to give.

Diane Holt has learned that helping can sometimes hurt the people and communities we’re hoping to support. Having worked for Tearfund and now leading ‘Thrive Ireland’ she will share what she has been learning with a few stories that will take us back to basic assumptions and maybe free us to rethink our approach?

Diane is the Director of Thrive Ireland a Christian organisation that sees ‘Church | Community | Transformation from a global perspective and seeks to enable churches to look at missional development through a new lens. 

Free for faith-based groups and projects 

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