Faith Engagement: The Assembly Explained - understanding how the Assembly works & how to get involved **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

5 March 2021 -
11:00am to 1:00pm

Now more than ever our lives are being shaped by an institution many Northern Ireland citizens don't really understand.

The NI Assembly makes decisions that affect all of us; have you ever wondered how it works?

About this Event
In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic as laws change and government guidelines impact on everyday life, many faith communities are considering the relationship between faith and government. In light of this, an insight into how the Assembly works, is timely. The ‘Assembly Explained’ webinar is an informative online session about the ins-and-outs of the Northern Ireland Assembly which is aimed at those who want to gain greater understanding of the political process and how they can get involved. The topics covered during the session are:

  • Where to find out what your MLA is doing for your constituency
  • Which laws can be made at the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • What is the role of an Assembly Committee
  • How I can engage with a Committee
  • What happens during Plenary
  • Where to find out what has been happening about your issue at the Assembly

There is also an opportunity to ask any questions you have in our live Q&A.

This webinar will be delivered through MS Teams: If you haven’t used MS Teams before, don’t worry! You will be able to join as a guest and the Assembly Engagement Team will be on hand to support you joining the event.



Cancellation Policy

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