Faith: Food banks - the visible sign of a torn 'safety net'?

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17 November 2023 -
10:00am to 11:30am

Evidence of rising demand for food banks suggests that the safety net of the welfare state is failing. Churches and faith groups have readily stepped into the gap to provide food that meets real need. While charitable giving has long been a hallmark of faith, is the provision of food the most helpful response to poverty in NI?


In 1945 the UK established a welfare ‘safety net’ whereby the poor were protected from destitution by a contributory social security system. However, evidence of rising demand for food banks suggests that the ‘safety net’ of the welfare state once provided, is fraying if not broken. Food banks now stand in the gap providing emergency food to those with insufficient means to meet their basic needs, but does the growing demand require more from faith communities?

NICVA's Project Coordinator for Faith Engagement will share insights from her master's research to add some new thoughts to the discussion on food banking. In this session Lynda will share some of the learning from the faith sector and through discussion will reflect on the implications of this for food aid offered through food banks.

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