Faith in Fundraising: Restricted funding - Grants & Trusts Online Event **REGISTRATION CLOSED **

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14 December 2022 -
10:00am to 11:30am

Many people need to fundraise for their church or faith group but don’t know where to start.

Faith in Fundraising is an introductory two-part course for those new to fundraising which makes it a great introduction for people new to fundraising. We will examine where funding can come from, fundraising methods, and funders who can support your group.

The second session will look at how to find appropriate grant making bodies and Trusts that might support specific projects or programmes that you might want to run. These kinds of funds are restricted and must be used for a specified purpose or to meet particular outcomes rather than go towards general costs.

(There are two related sessions and if possible, we encourage you to sign up for both)

For Faith Based Groups Only

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