Faith: *POSTPONED* An Introduction to 'Theory of Change' *POSTPONED*

5 December 2023 -
10:00am to 11:30am

Faith organisations with charitable purposes will have greater impact, if they take time to consider how they can make the most difference, and in turn set appropriate outcomes and objectives to measure their work. Theory of Change (ToC) offers a powerful tool to bridge the gap between the ultimate goal of an organisation and its everyday activities.


Theory of Change can be applied to any organisation or project that is trying to do good.  The model sets out a logical sequence of steps for an organisation to describe what they want to achieve and how they hope to achieve it.  By carrying out a Theory of Change process on a project or your entire organisation, it will provide stakeholders with a clarity of the overall impact you want to make, as well as give you a clear plan to evaluate and tell the story of the difference you make. 

This introductory session will require no prior knowledge or experience of the model.  It will give you an opportunity to explore how Theory of Change could work for you.  

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