Free Introductory Fundraising Workshop: Maximising your Income - Online (registrations closed)

Registration closed
20 September 2023 -
12:00pm to 12:45pm

A FREE workshop for NICVA members covering varying ways to make the most of your income. This is a NICVA members only event. Join Now ** NICVA now welcomes all small groups for free. **

The cost-of-living crisis has a major bearing on our ability to operate and deliver programmes, this session will explore different strategies you can take to make the most of your current income including reducing spending and methods to cover project overheads and core costs in your fundraising.

The session is suitable for anyone interested in gaining some ideas that other organisations take to make their income go further. 

The session is 45 minutes long and you will have the chance to:

  • Meet other members of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland interested in boosting their fundraising know how.
  • Support your own understanding of the topic.
  • Get tips and expert advice - feel free to share your own tips too.
  • Gain links to other resources so you can delve deeper into the topic.
  • Build your confidence and be inspired to put your learning into practice.

The workshop is facilitated by Jocelyn Horton, NICVA’s Fundraising Advice Officer.

This is a NICVA members only event.  Join Now
** NICVA now welcomes all small groups for free. **

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