Getting the most out of GrantTracker - Online **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

Registration closed
3 April 2023 -
11:00am to 12:00pm

This free webinar is an ideal opportunity for new subscribers, long-term users and those considering subscribing to GrantTracker to explore all the functions that GrantTracker offers.

Finding the right funder is crucial to the success of your programmes and organisation’s financial sustainability, so it’s essential to maximise your time and manage your fundraising efforts – GrantTracker is the perfect tool to help you achieve this.

This 45 minute session covers:

  • Using the Home keys to keep in touch and get support
  • Maximising your searches
  • Tracking schemes, funders and email notifications
  • Using “My Tracker” and “My Notes” to make GrantTracker work for you and in managing your funding applications


Cancellation Policy

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