GROUNDED: When sacred trust is broken **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

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26 April 2022 -
10:30am to 11:30am

When sacred trust is broken…lives are damaged, so is it possible to create healthy cultures in the faith sector?


Leigh McFarlane knows that some places of faith have been unsafe for those seeking to grow in faith. Sadly, despite protection policies and procedural guidance being in place, spiritual abuse makes news headlines and there’s a growing list of once acclaimed leaders who have been exposed as being abusive. Revelations of abuse by faith leaders arouse feelings of disbelief and shock. It can be deeply disorienting to find that someone well respected can so readily undermine foundational principles of faith.  


All abuse highlights the devastating misuses of power and in these situations, the focus is often on the ‘flawed leader’, where the abuse is solely attributed to the individual. But would things change if attention shifted to addressing the cultures that enable these individuals to thrive?   


Leigh is passionate about this important question and will share her thoughts on the cultures and practices that keep everyone safe!  


In this ‘Grounded’ conversation, Leigh will reflect on the challenges she faces as a Safeguarding Advisor with thirtyone:eight after which there’ll be an opportunity to share views about this important practice issue.  


‘Grounded’ is a networking opportunity where, over a cuppa the aim is to think about our practice as those who concerned about ‘faith in the community’ – the aim is to ‘ground’ a concern or issue by sharing it with others, discussing it and deciding what more could/should be done to develop the idea. 

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