How to find the right approach to tracking the outcomes of your organisation?- Online

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7 March 2023 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

So now you are a passionate advocate of OBA (Outcomes Based Accountability) thinking, how do you turn that into practice and how do you not fall into the perhaps costly or time-consuming error of choosing the ‘wrong’ outcomes or impact tracking tool or system? How do you find or choose an Outcomes tracking system or package that gets your ‘over the gap’ from theory into actual practice? How can you make sure you are enabled and empowered to investigate and make the best choice for your service/s…and don’t just make a ‘leap’ of faith?

This interactive session will give provide attendees with a range of insights, tips, recommendations, hacks, short-cuts and succinct advice about pitfalls or traps to avoid when it comes to identifying the ‘best fit’ outcomes or impact tracking methodology or system that works for, most importantly, your service-users but also staff/managers of services and the commissioners or funders that your organisation seeks to work with and provide impact information to.

This session will include amongst other topics:

  • What to look for in a good, effective Outcomes/Impact Tracking system?
  • How to navigate the range of choices/packages that exist?
  • How to discuss what is right for your service – especially if aren’t sure how to talk ‘data’ or ‘technology’
  • How to find something that works for both service-users, staff and commissioners and funders?
  • How to ask questions and get answers about licensing and training?
  • How to ask questions and get answers about GPDR and Consent?
  • How to ask and get answers about up-front or hidden costs?
  • How to find a system that treats your service-users as ‘humans’ and not data-points?
  • How to work out if a system showcases and supports personal change and actually ‘makes a difference’?

This session will be facilitated by Patrick Toland (Regional Manager of Outcomes Star and CEO of the NIRDP) in a personal capacity with a strong focus on his own experience of working in front-line services and striving to navigator the ‘maze’ of outcomes/impact tracking tools and systems. This session will also be enhanced by the attendance of Paula Quigley (CEO of Mainstay DRP) who will talk about her own past and recent ‘lived experience’ of finding and adopting an outcomes-based system and methodology.


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