ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring (extended booking date)

29 January 2021 - 10:00am to 30 March 2021 - 12:30pm

This ever popular course has been designed for managers or those with significant responsibility for effective coaching and mentoring as part of their daily role within an organisational context. The course is also suited to individuals who wish to move into a development role or start a career as a freelance coach or mentor. You will learn: The principles of coaching / mentoring, how to make a business case for coaching / mentoring, the coaching / mentoring process , coaching/mentoring skills, and record keeping. We are currently delivering this programme online via zoom.

Who should complete this ILM Certificate in Coaching and  Mentoring course?

  • Existing Managers and Supervisors who wish to gain a formal accredited qualification in Coaching and Mentoring.

  • Managers who wish to learn best-practice techniques in coaching.

  • Those who have responsibility for coaching and mentoring in an organisational context.

  • Those considering moving into a developmental role or starting a career as a freelance coach or mentor.

There are three mandatory units for the Certificate:  The first Unit is Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching and Mentoring within an Organisational Context and this unit aims to help learners understand the role and contribution of coaching and mentoring and build a business case. The second unit is a practical unit where learners undertake 18 hours of coaching and/or mentoring practice with a minimum of 2 clients and includes how you plan, deliver and reviewed this practice.   The third unit Reviewing Own Ability as a Coach or Mentor within an Organisational Context asks the learner to critically review their personal qualities, skills and competence. You will be expected to audio record at least one hour of coaching/mentoring practice and receive feedback from your manager/supervisor.  

 The expected duration of the course is between 6 and 9 months.  Assignment support will be available througout the course.  


Last call for bookings 


5 February 2021

Up to 2pm


Session 1                             


23 February 2021

10am – 12.30pm

Session 2

2 March 2021


10am – 12.30pm


Session 3

9 March 2021


10am – 12.30pm


Session 4

11 March 2021


10am – 12.30pm


Session 5

23 March


10am – 12.30pm


Session 6

25 March


10am – 12.30pm


Session 7

30 March


10am – 12.30pm



“I found the C&M programme excellent for my personal and professional development, refreshing my management skills and inspiring the coach in me. I’ll be adopting the knowledge learned to my practice and encourage senior managers in my organisation to look at a C&M programme for the development of managers at all levels. I found the online delivery great for me to juggle my work commitment with training. Such an enjoyable course, highly recommend.  Susan Walls, Manager, Contact UK  

£670 members; £950 non members

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£670 members; £950 non members


Online Session

This session will be facilitated online.  We'll provide instructions and support for participants to get setup.