Making an Impact: Why use an Outcomes-based Approach **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

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4 October 2022 -
10:00am to 11:30am

NICVA in partnership with The Northern Ireland Executive Office is pleased to offer this interactive and facilitated workshop.

The Outcomes-based approach* provides us with a useful tool to help assess and measure our impact. 

It starts with us being clear about the Outcomes we want to achieve for the people we serve at a broader population level, and how we can contribute to these Outcomes via our organisational performance. The approach works on two distinct levels linked to our areas of responsibility. These are called Population Accountability and Performance Accountability.

This session will demystify the theory of Outcomes-based Accountability™ and provide tips on how it can work for you.

This session will include: -

  • Demystifying the theory of Outcomes-based Accountability™ or OBA™   
  • Tips of how to apply OBA™to your work
  • Real case example - from those using it, what works well, what have they learned?
  • Questions and opportunities for delegates to share experiences of OBA™   

Workshop facilitators: Programme for Government Team, The Northern Ireland Executive Office, Shared Education & Community Relations Team, Department Education and Shared Education & Sectoral Support Team, Education Authority


*This way of working is based on a model known as Outcomes-based Accountability™ or OBA. ™ The approach was established by American writer Mark Friedman and has been adopted by many governments and organisations across the world as a way to demonstrate how the people and communities they serve are benefiting from the work that they do.

Who should attend

This training is specifically designed for voluntary and community sector organisations

Cancellation Policy

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