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6 December 2021 -
11:30am to 12:30pm

This one-hour online session is part of the Digital Fundraising webinar series 2021. This series is exclusive to NICVA members. It will be delivered by Ciaran Connolly from Profile Tree and will give you suggestions as to how to improve your digital marketing. It is for organisations that would like to start to focus on digital marketing and learn some tips from the experts.


Ciaran Connolly, CEO, ProfileTree

Online marketing is the new normal. It doesn't matter what industry you operate in. Today, digital media almost always outperforms traditional marketing. While this presents many opportunities, it also presents some challenges. During this webinar we will explore the great things charities and small businesses are doing online that others can employ. 

The session will focus on how to build your digital community as well as ecommerce opportunities:

  • Digital basics - where you need to focus today for impact
  • Digital best practice for charities - some examples of what works

Profile Tree is a content marketing company based in Belfast. It helps clients generate leads and sales through a structured digital strategy, sleek web design and engaging digital content. Clients include LGBT Ireland, The National Trust, Early Childhood Ireland and Garvagh Peoples Forest project. 

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