Risk assessment made easy

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15 September 2022 -
10:00am to 1:00pm

Risk assessment is an important task that all organisations should be carrying out, regardless of size or nature. Having a process in place to record this work will help organisations to better manage both current and future risks.

This is a practical training session showing you how to carry out a risk assessment, action plan and record the results in a risk register. The templates used in the exercises can then be used in your own organisation so that you have both the skills and the tools to implement risk assessment.

The training will help participants:

  • identify risks and carry out a risk assessment
  • carry out an analysis of risks and draw up an action plan to deal with them
  • monitor and review action plans.

Who should attend

This training is specifically designed for voluntary and community sector organisations, it will benefit people across all departments that are involved with assessing and/or managing risk. This training is particularly relevant for those organisations that don't already have risk assessments in place.  

This session is an in-person event only.  If you would prefer an online session please let us know.   

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that you may be charged if you don't attend an event you have registered for—even in the case of free to access events. Full details on NICVA cancellation policy