Senior Leaders and Trustees Conference: Building Cyber Resilience in Your Organisation - FULLY BOOKED

10 September 2019 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

This conference will include guidance and insight from authorities and experts in cyber security to help Voluntary Boards and Senior Leaders to implement sound cyber security practices and build organisational cyber resilience.

Please Note: This conference is now fully boooked

As our ability to harness technology and digital services for voluntary and community activity grows so too does the challenge of keeping our organisations safe from cyber fraud and data breaches.

Ensuring that organisations have the resilience to face threats from malicious and indiscriminate cyber-attacks is now imperative for Boards and senior leaders in all sectors.   

Email fraud, ransomware attacks and breaches are risks for all organisations regardless of size or sector. Local playgroups or sports clubs through to international household name charities are all vulnerable and ensuring that we keep information about the people we work with secure is a top priority for most organisations. In addition, preventing fraud and complying with regulatory requirements such as GDPR are key organisational governance issues.

Charities and voluntary organisations have an added challenge in terms of the tendency for being open and transparent about activities and finances, holding sensitive personal data, managing organisations with limited resources and an expectation to focus resources on front line services.  

The conference will provide guidance that can be used to improve an organisation’s approach to information security and cyber resilience.   

Authorities and experts in the field will:

  • give insights on the current cyber threat landscape
  • present guides for improving overall security posture
  • outline how to respond and recover from attacks
  • provide tips for building board and staff awareness
  • outline accreditation and assurance schemes.

Restrictions: The conference is for voluntary, community or social enterprise sector organisations only with a maximum of two people per organisation.



Free for participants (VCSE organisations only)

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Free for participants (VCSE organisations only)