Staying out of Lockdown: Test, Trace and Protect with the Public Health Agency (Rescheduled)

7 July 2020 -
1:30pm to 2:30pm

As we move back towards a less restrictive working and living environment, we must keep the virus under control. Failure to do that could set us back immeasurably. The World Health Organisation and every public health authority agrees that to protect our community requires sound testing, contact tracing and isolation of the virus to reduce transmission.

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NICVA has organised a briefing for voluntary and community organisations from Public Health Authority Officials. Senior PHA officials working on these measures will brief participants and then take part in Q&A.  

It is important for organisations to get a good understanding of the system, process and plan and help inform the wider public of the facts. 

Contact tracing is a tried and tested public health response used to fight other communicable diseases like Tuberculosis.  

NICVA participates in the Public Health Agency’s Contact Tracing Steering Group and has organised a briefing from the PHA for Tuesday 7 July at 1.30pm. 

Further information on Contact Tracing is available on the PHA web site here If you have questions for PHA officials please complete the Question Form here by 12 noon on Monday 6 July 

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