Stewardship and Tax Effective Fundraising (CFNI) **REGISTRATION CLOSED**

26 May 2021 -
11:00am to 12:30pm

This webinar is part of the CFNI Accelerator Programme funded by Department for Communities. It will be delivered by Deborah McWhirter and will cover relationships with donors, good stewardship and tax effective giving including Gift Aid.


Getting yourself clued up in relation to Tax-Efficient Giving can basically mean free money for your organisation.  Brilliant!  It might not sound like the most interesting subject, but it can make a real impact on your bottom line. 

In this informal seminar, we will think about relationships with donors and why good stewardship is so important.  There will some advice and tips on looking after your donors. We will look at what tax efficient giving really is and how it can sit within your fundraising activities and work for you.  

We will take a journey through the world of Gift Aid and see the difference it can make for your organisation, as well as exploring some other forms of tax efficient giving.

This will all lead us to the top of the donor pyramid - Legacies.  We will spend some time looking at legacy giving and hopefully you will come away with some food for thought and a few tips to get started on promoting legacy giving.


  • Trends within UK Giving.
  • Relationships with donors and what good stewardship looks like.
  • Tips for keeping your donors close.
  • What is tax efficient giving and why should we think about it?
  • Examples of tax efficient giving.
  • Tax efficient giving online.
  • Gift Aid -What is gift aid, rules for donors,rules for charities, income can we claim under gift aid, how can we claim gift aid?
  • Legacy giving – an overview.
  • Why does it make some of us uncomfortable?
  • Tips to start that conversation with your donors.

Speaker - Deborah McWhirter

Deborah has been working in the Northern Ireland voluntary sector for 25 years.  She has managed and developed the Individual Giving Programmes of charities such as Simon Community Northern Ireland, Cancer Focus N.I. and Children in Crossfire.  Working with organisations tackling a range of issues such as homelessness, cancer services and international development and producing over 100 successful mail campaigns has given her an insight into building successful relationships with donors.  Her experience and knowledge cover a wide range of subjects related to charity marketing such as; direct mail, regular giving, tax efficient giving, database management, fundraising analysis, fundraising planning, legacy promotion, stewardship of donors and collaborative working.


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Online Session

This session will be facilitated online.  We'll provide instructions and support for participants to get setup.

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