The Code of good governance in a virtual world - Trustees' Week

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4 November 2020 -
4:30pm to 5:15pm

The Code of Good Governance is a voluntary set of standards on good governance practice for the boards of voluntary and community organisations. This seminar will examine how Trustees can achieve the same high standard of governance when their organisations are operating in a virtual world.

Developing Governance Group members Claire O'Hare, Youth Work Alliance; Denise Hayward, Volunteer Now; and Denise Copeland, NICVA will be delivering this special seminar as part of Trustees' Week. 

The seminar will cover the key principles in the Code of good governance and will include various examples of how to put the theory into practice, having regard in particular to the challenges of operating online and in a different environment.    

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Online Session

This session will be facilitated online.  We'll provide instructions and support for participants to get setup.