Tools for thriving workplaces with Neuro Creative Studio - online

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25 April 2024 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

This online session is developed and delivered for our sector by Deirdre Morrison from Neuro Creative Studio. It is based on Accessible Brain Concepts that support People & Culture development in practical, insightful, and playful neuroeducation workshops.

This two-hour session delivered by Neuro Creative Studio, will be tailored to suit the specific needs of those who register. It is for HR managers, team leaders, those who manage staff or volunteers in the Voluntary and Community Sector and want to improve how they communicate with and support them, being more aware of neuro-techniques.


The core skills needed for thriving voluntary and community organisations are the key themes that run through this session:

 - enhancing communication

 - creating or navigating change

 - sustainable wellbeing 

 - leading creatively

This session will give you tools for enhancing

 - communication

 - adaptability

 - emotional regulation

 - wellbeing

Learning will take place through discussion, personal observation, and creative activities, as well as through explanations of the topics in relatable ways. 

Pre-workshop survey

The content of the session will be tailored based on a pre-workshop survey for all those who register. The survey will ask about their needs and concerns and then the content will be developed from the feedback. 

Places are limited on this workshop so if you are interested please register as soon as possible.

Feedback from past participants

“Deirdre is very professional, knowledgable, and a great resource for all things neuroscience/mindset. I'm so impressed by her ability to connect with others of diverse backgrounds, and her ability to teach a complex subject in a digestible way.” Lateisha J, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

“ I had such a profound takeaway from it that it completely changed my perspective on what I was doing. I feel inspired, creative, and motivated! I’ve shared this experience with others and they too got a profound “ah-ha” moment from it too! Thank you so much!!! Robert C, health professional.

“Thanks so much Deirdre, your input is incredibly valuable as usual. Once again I want to thank you for your wisdom and participation.” Ross W, community leader.


Deirdre Morrison blends an art and design education, with an interest in alternative learning methods, formal coaching qualifications, and applied neuroscience training and expertise to create a truly original approach to facilitation and development. In addition to this 'very special skillset', Deirdre is a former PR consultant, who has worked with household name clients in the private and public sector. Following that, she spent 10 years building and developing small businesses, which made for a very natural transition for her facilitation skills as she trained in applied neuroscience. 


Cancellation Policy

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