What makes a great board and becoming a great board member - Trustees' Week

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5 November 2020 -
9:00am to 10:00am

This one hour webinar on what makes a great board is part of the Skills Match programme in partnership with BITC and also part of our Trustees' week events.

Now, more than ever, an effective and strong board is needed to navigate charities through these very uncertain times.

Key strategic decisions need to be made which will ensure the sustainability of the organisation into the future, so it is vital that a robust board with the necessary skills is in place.

This webinar delivered as part of the Skills Match Programme with BITC and NICVA will include:

  1. What makes an effective board for your charity
  2. How to get the most out of the board members.
  3. How you can use your skills, experience and knowledge on the board of a charity.
  4. What you can gain from being a board member

Our speakers are:

  • Ian Henry, Director, Henry Brothers
  • Laura Hourican, Senior Vice-President Firstsource
  • Richard Armstrong, Associate Partner , Arthur Cox
  • Olwen Lyner, Chief Executive, NIACRO

Richard Armstrong is an Associate Partner with Arthur Cox solicitors in Belfast and will share the key attributes of an effective Board. Richard will share some of the common features that are vital in any board and explain how governance is critical in the running of an organisation.

Laura, Ian and Olwen will then share their experience of being part of a board - on why they got involved, how this is a two-way partnership and why they would encourage other people to do the same.

As always, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

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