Fire Evacuation Procedures and First Aid at NICVA

Fire Evacuation Procedures and First Aid at NICVA

  1. All visitors to the first and second floors of the building are required to sign in and out at Reception so that, in the event of a fire or other emergency, NICVA can ensure that all those on the premises are evacuated safely and accounted for.
  2. Users of the ground floor conference facilities should maintain a register of attendees and must bring this register with them in the event of an evacuation.
  3. It is the responsibility of staff and tenants to accompany their visitors at all times in the building and to escort them to the assembly point in an emergency situation.
  4. Anyone detecting a fire should activate the alarm immediately by breaking the glass on the nearest red fire alarm box and inform Reception to call the emergency services.
  5. In the event of a fire or emergency leave the building promptly and calmly by the route advised by the Fire Wardens which will be the nearest safe exit – look for the green running man signs. Leave all belongings behind. Fire Wardens will close doors and windows behind if time allows and it is safe to do so.
  6. Fire Wardens will direct you to the assembly point in the NICVA Car Park to the left of the building, opposite Play Resource. It is imperative that you remain at the assembly point where the Fire Wardens will check that all those signed in have left the building and you must remain there to await further instruction.
  7. NICVA’s Fire Wardens are named below and will be wearing high visibility vests:
    Michael Montgomery, Brendan Hughes, Elizabeth Boyd, Raymond McDyer; Eamonn McKee, Winnie Mulholland, Paula Fitzpatrick, Craig Melling, Lynda Gould 
  8. Do not re-enter the building until advised to by a Fire Warden / emergency services.
  9. Persons with a mobility difficulty may use the lift which has been designed to provide full protection in the event of a fire or other emergency. A Fire Warden will assist those requiring use of the lift. Other persons must not use the lift to evacuate.
  10. Fight the fire with the appropriate fire extinguisher only if you know how and only if it is safe to do so with no risk to your own personal safety or that of others. 
  11. Notify NICVA Reception in person or on ext 200 if you require a first aider. Emergency first aid may be administered by: Paula Fitzpatrick (ext 216), Emma Nesbitt (ext 266), Donna Semple (Ext 261), Michael Montgomery, Raymond McDyer (all on ext 270).
  12. First aid supplies are located at Reception and in 1st and 2nd floor kitchens.
  13. A Public Access Defibrillator is located behind Reception on the ground floor.
  14. All accidents must be reported immediately in the accident book located behind Reception beside the defibrillator above the pigeonholes.

Evacuation procedure for staff or visitors with mobility difficulties

The assigned Fire Wardens will be responsible for operating the lift in order to assist in evacuating those with mobility difficulties safely out of the building by the nearest safe exit. It is imperative that their instructions are followed.   

These Fire Wardens are:  

Michael Montgomery, Brendan Hughes, Raymond McDyer 

Lift operation procedure for emergency evacuation

  1. Enter lift press floor button (1 or 2). Hold button until the door closes and lift ascends. Release button.
  2. When lift stops press open door button. Hold until doors are fully opened. Release button.
  3. Close door by holding door close button. Release button when the door closes.
  4. Press ground floor button. Hold until lift moves. Release button.
  5. When reaching ground floor, press and hold door open button. Exit.

Please Note: In the case of an emergency evacuation the lift should only be used by staff or visitors with mobility difficulties. A Fire Warden has been assigned to operate the lift in the event of an emergency evacuation.