Departmental Monitoring Groups (DMGs)

Departmental Monitoring Groups (DMGs) have been born out of our previous Policy Fora. They mirror the structures of government allowing groups to come together to work on issues across relevant departmental areas. 

Crucially each of the DMGs can also work together on those issues which cut across the narrow departmental boundaries. We feel these new structures will allow the DMGs to have a bigger impact on the work of the Committees/Departments and to assess how each department is impacting on the people, families and communities they work with.

Each of the groups seek to meet 3-4 times per year and are chaired by an NICVA membership organisation. The Chairpersons also meet 3-4 times per year.

Membership of the DMGs is open to all NICVA members and you can register here

The DMGs are:

  • The Executive Office Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Department for Communities Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Department for the Economy Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Department of Education Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Department of Justice Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Department for Infrastructure Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Department of Health Departmental Monitoring Group
  • Policy and Lobbying Forum


Public Affairs Forum: Tips for campaigning in the absence of the NI Assembly

On 4 December, NICVA held the first meeting of the revamped Public Affairs Forum. This Forum brings together people working in policy, public affairs and lobbying from the voluntary and community sector.

Policy Fora get a make over

Our 12 policy fora are being revamped to become new Departmental Monitoring Groups (DMGs).

Mental Health Policy Forum Meeting - Maternal Mental Health

The Mental Health Policy Forum met on 9th September to discuss maternal mental health and the 'Everyone's Business' campaign.

Mental Health Policy Forum - February Meeting Minutes

The first substantive meeting of the Mental Health Policy Forum took place on 5th of February discussing the 'Enabling Success' strategy to tackle economic inactivity which was consulted on by the Department for Employment and Learning.

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