Budget 2015-2016

Northern Ireland's 2011-2015 Budget is coming to an end and the Northern Ireland Executive has published its Draft Budget 2015-2016 for the next financial year.

The Budget sets out the overall level of spending available to the Executive in 2015-16 and how its resources will be allocated to each government department.

Individual departments are responsible for providing further detail on how they will spend this money during the consultation period, which ends on 29 December 2014. These departmental spending plans are listed in the resources section below.

Following each of the consulation events, we will draw up a list of 'key asks' for each of the departments.

Update: You can now read our Response to the Northern Ireland Executive Draft Budget 2015-16.


DFP Budget Meeting - Key Asks

Following a consultation meeting with Department of Finance and Personnel officials we have collated the five key asks expressed at the meeting, alongside tips from the Department on what to include in consultation responses.

Voluntary and community sector representatives brief Employment and Learning Committee on changes to the European Social Fund

Representatives from the voluntary and community sector today met with the Assembly Committee for Employment and Learning in an informal session to address issues with the European Social Fund and the DEL Draft Budget proposals.

DCAL Budget Meeting - Key Asks

Following a consultation meeting with officials from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure we have collated the six key asks expressed at the meeting, alongside tips from the Department on what to include in consultation responses.

Fantastic Mr Tax – is devolution of corporation rates wily economics or a fairytale?

Chancellor George Osborne has paved the way for devolved corporation tax in Stormont. In the coming weeks Scope will examine the pros and cons of lowering the rate - here we look at some of the arguments against a reduction.

DEL Minister confirms voluntary and community organisations’ worst fears as he plans unfair, disproportionate cuts to the sector

DEL Minister Stephen Farry spoke to the Employment and Learning Committee on Wednesday, 26 November 2014 about his need to cut over 10% from his department’s budget next year. 

DARD Draft Budget Consultation Workshop

Following the publication of the draft budget for 2015-16, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has published their spending plans.

The Change Fund (Draft Budget 2015-16)

The Draft Budget 2015-16 announced the creation of a “Change Fund” which will “finance upfront investment in cross-cutting reform initiatives and preventative measures that are expected to generate savings in the longer term.”

Sector meets Finance Directors on Budget

A delegation of voluntary and community organisations met with Finance Directors from all government departments to explain the voluntary and community sector should not bear the brunt of unfair or disproportion cuts in the 2015 budget round.

Public service pension reform and the Draft Budget 2014-15

The Draft Budget 2015-16 sets aside £133.2m to deal with public service pensions but gives little detail on what these are and why the additional money is needed. This article provides an explanation.

Budget analysis: half baked and two speed

A look at the consequences for the third sector, and beyond, stemming from Stormont's Draft Budget for 2015/16

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