Guest post: Tapping into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Sam Evans has been involved in CSR for over 8 years, both as a CSR advisor for an International law firm and as a Corporate Fundraiser. As both a "poacher and gamekeeper", he shares his unique insights into Community Needs and Corporate Philanthropy.
Developing a fundraising strategy
Successful fundraising starts with a fundraising strategy which should identify what resources will be required in order to reach a fundraising goal. A fundraising strategy isn't just about raising money, it helps you to meet your other charitable aims.
Could/Should you apply for EU funding?
Access Europe recommends a 7-step process that each organisation should follow to decide whether to apply to a specific EU fund.
Individual Giving in Northern Ireland 2014
NICVA’s latest research into charitable giving in Northern Ireland examines change in the percentage of individuals that donate, donation by age, the causes donated to, fundraising techniques, methods of donation and legacy giving.
Organising a Fundraising Event
Top tips on how to organise a successful fundraising event.
Writing Successful Funding Applications
Top tips to improve your applications to funders.
Organising a Fundraising Group
Helpful information on how to set up and run a Fundraising Group.
NI Trust Group Voluntary Action Booklet
The NI Trust Group comprises over 40 funders working across NI. This annually reviewed booklet provides information to the voluntary and community groups on 19 of NI’s key funders’ aims, current funding programmes and contact details.
Collaborating to Win Tenders
This guidance has been developed by CollaborationNI to help voluntary and community organisations to maximise their chances of winning tenders by working together in collaboration.
Collections for Charities and Donors
This article outlines the different types of collections charities can undertake, the legal requirements, good practice procedures for collections, and some guidelines for individuals who wish to donate to good causes.
This advice will help your committee/board when they are thinking about running a lottery, and will help it adhere to Principle 2 of the Code of Good Governance: "Responsibilities, legal requirements and obligations".