Assembly Debate in Quotes

21 May 2015 Elizabeth HendronPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI

Who said what in the Assembly Debate on cuts to the community and voluntary sector? Have a look... 

Winding up and closure services which help create a legacy

20 May 2015 Sector MattersNo Topics

The sustained financial pressures on our sector have unfortunately led to more organisations having to consider winding up or closure.

CutsWatchNI: Last chance to take part in cuts survey

18 May 2015 Lisa McElherronPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

Help us gather information for the Junior Ministers on how the cuts are affecting your voluntary and community organisation.

Governance of the Voluntary and Community Sector in 2015

15 May 2015 Denise CopelandGovernance and Charity AdviceGovernance, Volunteering

NICVA is asking all trustees, committee members and directors of voluntary and community organisations to contribute to a new piece of research which is specifically examining governance in the Sector. 

How American non profits are getting politicians to sit up and notice

13 May 2015 Nick GarbuttSector Issues, Politics

As cuts deepen should the sector lie down and take it, disappear into silos, with everyone fighting everyone else for scraps, or is there a better way? 

Assembly to debate cuts to voluntary and community sector

5 May 2015 Lisa McElherronPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

On the 18th May the NI Assembly will debate the recent cuts to the voluntary and community sector. We are encouraging all voluntary and community organisations to contact MLAs and ask them to support this important motion.

NICVA get ready to run!

30 Apr 2015 Denise CopelandCommunications, FundraisingFundraising

NICVA staff are getting ready to run the 2015 Belfast City Marathon relay race in an effort to raise funds for the Sunshine Foundation Romania.

NICVA Celebrates Success

30 Apr 2015 Training and Skills DevelopmentTraining, Adult Learning

Over forty people attended NICVA’s Certificate Presentation on Friday, 24 April 2015, celebrating the work of more than a hundred participants who completed accredited qualifications over the last year.

Will the courts force through abortion reform?

28 Apr 2015 Nick GarbuttSocial Policy

In the latest in our series on abortion Scope examines the impending court case which could force the Assembly's hand on reform. 

The demolition of community education in Northern Ireland

28 Apr 2015 Nick GarbuttEducation

Just imagine the uproar if the education department withdrew a school’s funding two months before the  end of term leaving A Level and GSCE students without teachers, and the rest of the pupils scrambling for places elsewhere. 

Preserving heritage and understanding the past

28 Apr 2015 Nick GarbuttFunding, Environment

Scope meets Paul Mullan, head of the Heritage Lottery Fund in Northern Ireland. 

Has the Wells affair scuppered a Westminster deal for the DUP?

28 Apr 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Equality

Scope analyses the fall-out from the Wells affair and concludes we should not be writing off the DUP just yet.

It's time to move on from the stale politics of peace

28 Apr 2015 Guest AuthorPeace Process, Politics

Independent MLA John McCallister calls for a realignment of politics in Northern Ireland and has some harsh words for the Make it Work campaign. 

Abortion: the lives of others

28 Apr 2015 Ryan MillerSocial Policy

David Smyth of the Evangelical Alliance, writing exclusively for Scope, challenges those currently calling for changes to Northern Ireland's abortion law

Buy a plastic bag and save the environment: how not to make cuts

27 Apr 2015 Nick GarbuttCutsWatchNI, Environment, Politics

Scope analyses the bizarre recent conduct of the Department of the Environment and suggests this is a text book example of how not to implement cuts. 

Junior Ministers appointed to work with NICVA on sector cuts

23 Apr 2015 Seamus McAleaveyPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

The last few weeks has seen a range of departments deliver cuts to voluntary and community groups. Many of the cuts delivered are unfair and hugely disproportionate. Many staff in organisations have now been made compulsorily redundant.

CollaborationNI Welcomes TheatreNI

23 Apr 2015 Andrew TalbotCollaborationNICollaborationNI

A new voice for theatre and the performing arts in Northern Ireland.

Collaboration crucial to the challenges that lie ahead - Mervyn Storey MLA

21 Apr 2015 Andrea EganCollaborationNICollaborationNI

Have you ever questioned why collaboration is worth considering?

Northern Ireland Executive to Discuss Sector Cuts

14 Apr 2015 Elizabeth HendronPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

A NICVA delegation has held productive meetings with the First and deputy First Ministers. Both Ministers agreed to urgent meetings at NICVA’s request and carried them out separately because of diary commitments.

Over 450 job losses for the sector #CutsWatchNI

2 Apr 2015 Elizabeth HendronPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

NICVA is warning that at least 450 jobs are likely to be lost in the next few weeks from voluntary and community organisations right across Northern Ireland as government cuts are announced.


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