Code of good governance consultation

24 Sep 2019 Denise CopelandDeveloping Governance Group, Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance

The Code of Good Governance is a voluntary set of standards on good governance practice for the boards of voluntary and community organisations.

Ten ways to engage with Belfast City Council

17 Sep 2019 Siobhan McAlisterPublic Affairs Forum, Policy & Public AffairsPolicy and Public Affairs

NICVA’s Public Affairs Forum recently held a session with representatives from Belfast City Council and NILGA to learn more about how our sector can best engage with the Council. Below are some useful tips for engaging.

Brexit Updates and #NoToNoDeal

6 Sep 2019 Siobhan McAlisterPolicy & Public Affairs, Brexit & BeyondBrexit, Policy

These really are extraordinary times in UK politics as Brexit continues to bolster confusion, chaos and the possibility of another General Election.

Charity Commission delays charity registration for some

5 Sep 2019 Denise CopelandCharity RegulationCharity commission, Charity Regulation, Sector Issues; Funding

The Charity Commission is currently not registering all charitable organisations that have submitted an application due to a High Court ruling which was handed down on 16th May.   

This is no time to suspend Parliament

28 Aug 2019 Seamus McAleaveyBrexit & BeyondNo Topics

NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey has reacted to the decision by the UK Government to suspend Parliament only a few weeks before the Brexit deadline.

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Julian Smith MP visits NICVA

21 Aug 2019 Seamus McAleaveyBrexitNo Topics

The new Secretary of State Julian Smith MP visited NICVA on Wednesday 21 August 2019 and had discussions with a voluntary and community sector delegation.

Joint Forum Meeting October 2019

15 Aug 2019 Siobhan McAlisterJoint Government and Voluntary Sector Forum (Joint Forum), Policy & Public AffairsNo Topics

A meeting of the Joint Forum will take place on 17 October 2019 at NICVA.

Brexit Update: New Prime Minster, same old problems?

31 Jul 2019 Siobhan McAlisterBrexit & Beyond, Policy & Public AffairsNo Topics

Mid-summer is usually a time when things begin to quieten down for the UK parliament as politicians go off on summer recess until September.

NICVA and NI Environment Link join forces to progress the Sustainable Development Goals

22 Jul 2019 Siobhan McAlisterPolicy & Public Affairs, Brexit & BeyondSustainable Development Goals

NICVA and NI Environment Link are establishing a working group to explore how the voluntary and community sector can help progress the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in NI.

NICVA’s Trustees’ Annual Reporting Conference

20 Jun 2019 Denise CopelandGovernance and Charity AdviceGovernance, Charity Regulation, accountability

This year’s Trustees’ conference, held on 4 June 2019, was all about the Trustee Annual Report (TAR).  

Who is the new Chair of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee?

13 Jun 2019 Philip MynesPolicy & Public AffairsNo Topics

Simon Hoare MP has been confirmed as the new chair of the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee.

Northern Ireland on the brink of a 'No-Deal Brexit' emergency

7 Jun 2019 Siobhan McAlisterBrexit & Beyond, Policy & Public AffairsBrexit, Joint Forum

NICVA has joined with our colleagues in the Brexit and Human Rights Working Group to warn that we are on the brink of a 'No Deal Brexit' emergency.

Cliff Edge NI Coalition Submission to the Joint Inquiry into Welfare Policy- what are the main points?

5 Jun 2019 Siobhan McAlisterWelfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform

The Cliff Edge Coalition NI is a group of over 70 organisations in NI who have joined together to express concern about the upcoming end of the welfare reform mitigations in March 2020.

As charitable giving in Northern Ireland falls, charities are going digital to fund their vital work

24 May 2019 Dr. Helena Mc ElhinneyResearch, Policy & Public Affairs, Value to SocietyCharitable giving, State of the Sector

NICVA’s latest survey of Charitable Giving in Northern Ireland shows that donations have fallen since 2017 but that digital giving through electronic means appears to be becoming ever more popular.

Failure to Brexit as we head towards European Elections

17 May 2019 Siobhan McAlisterBrexit & BeyondNo Topics

It has been a number of weeks now since Brexit has solely dominated the news headlines. It seems to have gone relatively quiet with other issues such as elections, legacy issues and the resumption of all-party talks taking centre stage.

What support can NICVA provide to ethnic minority organisations?

15 May 2019 Siobhan McAlisterPolicy & Public Affairs, Supporting MinoritiesNo Topics

Last week, NICVA hosted an information and networking event for organisations from the ethnic minority sector.

Upcoming Joint Forum Meeting 6 June 2019

3 May 2019 Siobhan McAlisterJoint Government and Voluntary Sector Forum (Joint Forum)No Topics

The next meeting of the Joint Forum is due to take place on 6 June 2019 at the Colin Healthy Living Centre in Belfast.

Lyra McKee Journalist killed doing her job

19 Apr 2019 CommunicationsNo Topics

NICVA is appalled to learn of the senseless murder of Lyra McKee.  Lyra was a great journalist interested in people and was making a positive contribution to society unlike her killers.

Joint inquiry into Northern Ireland’s welfare policy launched

11 Apr 2019 Siobhan McAlisterWelfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform, Welfare Reform

A joint inquiry has been launched by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee and the Work and Pensions Committee into the impact of welfare policy in NI including a focus on policies such as Universal Credit and the two-child limit.

Welfare Reform Mitigations: Less than 1 year to cliffedge

9 Apr 2019 Welfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform, Welfare Reform

Advice NI and NICVA are warning that, with less than a year to go before Welfare Reform Mitigation runs out, thousands of vulnerable people across Northern Ireland may be facing a substantial drop in income and even eviction. 


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