It's time to move on from the stale politics of peace

28 Apr 2015 Guest AuthorPeace Process, Politics

Independent MLA John McCallister calls for a realignment of politics in Northern Ireland and has some harsh words for the Make it Work campaign. 

Abortion: the lives of others

28 Apr 2015 Ryan MillerSocial Policy

David Smyth of the Evangelical Alliance, writing exclusively for Scope, challenges those currently calling for changes to Northern Ireland's abortion law

Buy a plastic bag and save the environment: how not to make cuts

27 Apr 2015 Nick GarbuttCutsWatchNI, Environment, Politics

Scope analyses the bizarre recent conduct of the Department of the Environment and suggests this is a text book example of how not to implement cuts. 

Junior Ministers appointed to work with NICVA on sector cuts

23 Apr 2015 Seamus McAleaveyPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

The last few weeks has seen a range of departments deliver cuts to voluntary and community groups. Many of the cuts delivered are unfair and hugely disproportionate. Many staff in organisations have now been made compulsorily redundant.

CollaborationNI Welcomes TheatreNI

23 Apr 2015 Andrew TalbotCollaborationNICollaborationNI

A new voice for theatre and the performing arts in Northern Ireland.

Collaboration crucial to the challenges that lie ahead - Mervyn Storey MLA

21 Apr 2015 Andrea EganCollaborationNICollaborationNI

Have you ever questioned why collaboration is worth considering?

Northern Ireland Executive to Discuss Sector Cuts

14 Apr 2015 Elizabeth HendronPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

A NICVA delegation has held productive meetings with the First and deputy First Ministers. Both Ministers agreed to urgent meetings at NICVA’s request and carried them out separately because of diary commitments.

Over 450 job losses for the sector #CutsWatchNI

2 Apr 2015 Elizabeth HendronPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

NICVA is warning that at least 450 jobs are likely to be lost in the next few weeks from voluntary and community organisations right across Northern Ireland as government cuts are announced.

#CutsWatchNI: the results are coming in

1 Apr 2015 Bob HarperPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI, Funding

An updated summary of the responses to our #CutsWatchNI survey.

Eat your heart out Justin Bieber you''ll never out-twitter Ó Muilleoir

30 Mar 2015 Nick GarbuttPolitics, Social Media

Scope stops off in South Belfast to examine politicians on social media and stumbles across the politician who out-tweets Obama.  

NICVA seek urgent meeting with First and deputy First Minister

30 Mar 2015 Policy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI

In reponse to severe cuts to the voluntary and community sector NICVA has asked for an urgent meeting with First and deputy First Minister.

Great GrantTracker Offer: 13 months for the price of 12

30 Mar 2015 Deirdre MurphyFundraisingFunding, Fundraising

Now more than ever charities and voluntary groups are having to look for new sources of funding.  GrantTracker can help you do this.

Black Thursday for Voluntary and Community Sector

27 Mar 2015 Seamus McAleaveyPolicy & Public AffairsCutsWatchNI

Thursday 26 March 2015 was a bad day for the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland.  

Meeting the change challenge

26 Mar 2015 Sandra BailieTraining and Skills DevelopmentTraining

NICVA’s new training calendar April – September 2015 is now ready to view on our website.

Innovation conference - Development, Design and Delivery

25 Mar 2015 Jenny McEneaneyPublic Sector Reform, Policy & Public Affairs, Centre for Economic EmpowermentPublic Procurement, Policy, Public Sector Reform

NICVA and the Chief Executive's Forums conference on innovation in public service delivery saw speakers from the public, private and voluntary and community sectors address delegates on innovative processes and practices.

Pity the poor children of the cuts

25 Mar 2015 Nick GarbuttEducation

We could all end up paying a very high price for cuts to Early Years services, Scope explores the implications.

Cinderella Premier

24 Mar 2015 Elizabeth HendronCommunicationsNo Topics

Over 350 peopled joined NICVA's Honorary President Kenneth Branagh at the premier of Cinderella.

Gender quotas? Do me a favour - politicians are all the same anyway

23 Mar 2015 Guest AuthorPolitics, Equality

Political commentator Alex Kane explains why quotas for female politicians will never get his vote.

Saving the Festival is like nailing legs to a cadaver and telling it to walk

23 Mar 2015 Guest AuthorThe Arts

Tom Collins who had oversight of the Belfast Festival at Queens for 11 years explains why he believes it cannot be saved. 

Training Accreditation at NICVA - meeting the change challenge

13 Mar 2015 Roisin KellyTraining and Skills DevelopmentTraining

The only thing constant is change and this year with the new super councils forming, welfare reform, budget cuts, public procurement and charity registration, specific changes are presenting themselves to the sector.


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