ARC Healthy Living Centre

ARC Healthy Living Centre

The ARC centre seeks to promote the holistic health care needs of a rural
population addressing physical psychological social educational environmental
and economic factors and ensuring accessibility of services through rural
transport initiatives and childcare provision The ARC centre is based on the
principles of equity integration and excellence.

The ARC Centre, a refurbished building based within Sallyswood estate was
officially opened in 2001, the ethos of inclusion and positive expectation
was fundamental to the survival and success of the project. The ARC Centre
responds to the needs of the local community by providing opportunities to
enable and empower people to develop their own resources for creative and
healthy living.


*The Sensory Room*

Advice and Support to Parents and Children who may have an additional need.
Cherish Surestart offers Sensory development through our sensory room and
home based progrmme.


SureStart Crèche offers children between the ages of 0 and 4 an opportunity
to reach their full potential through play, in a caring and stimulating

*Room Hire*

There is a selection of Meeting Rooms, Counselling & Conference rooms
available for hire at the ARC Centres.


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ARC Healthy Living Centre
116-122 Sallys Wood
Co Fermanagh
BT94 1HQ
United Kingdom


028 6862 8741


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