Youth in Community

Youth in Community

"Youth in Community is a community organisation formed in 2020 in response to the increasing numbers of young people de-registering from traditional post-primary education. connect-Ed is our community Hub where we seek to offer supportive and practical face-to-face community for home-schooled young people and their parents. We are a new kind of learning community.

Our heart is that no young person is socially isolated or disconnected during their post-primary education. 

We have a three stranded approach - aiming to support young people, parents and teachers. 

 (1)connect-Ed for young people - no young person journeys alone. One size does not fit all in education. We facilitate a more individualized approach, taking into account each child’s unique experiences and interests, in the context of positive, healthy relationships and an atmosphere of encouragement. A blended approach to learning offers flexibility for young people to pursue individual interests whilst at the same time enabling formation of positive relationships in a safe and empathic community setting.

(2)connect-Ed for parents - parents supporting parents. Many parents are overwhelmed and daunted by the prospect of being responsible for their young person’s education. Some may be struggling to deal with the demands of an anxious child. We are a community who seeks to offer hope, support and encouragement to these families as they navigate unchartered waters.

(3)connect-Ed for teachers - trauma education and support. Teachers may struggle to work with an anxious or previously traumatised child. We are developing  trauma-informed training for teachers, helping them to better understand trauma and work with vulnerable young people. Making our classrooms safer and better environments for all. When young people feel safe they are able to engage relationally and with learning.

Our Ethos: Our ethos is founded on Christian principles including tolerance and respect for others. We believe a sense of safety and a culture of love and acceptance are so important in enabling our young people to thrive in life.

Our Core Values: Safety, Empathy, Compassion, Understanding, Relationship, Encouragement  ensuring that all our young people are SECURE."

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8 Prietstown Road
BT42 2PQ
United Kingdom