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Our aim is to develop the ability of the voluntary and community sector to use data effectively to create and enhance social, economic and environmental value.

The Detail Data project is a BIG Lottery NI funded partnership between NICVA and The Detail investigative journalism website.

The project will deliver training and provide advice and support to the sector in its use of data, in particular open data (data that is free to use, reuse and share). If you need help with data please get in touch!

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The open data portal will act as a central resource for accessing and using data sources in support of the development of data-based services and technologies.


Review of Adult Social Care – power to carers? An event summary

On Monday 12 March, the Coalition of Carers’ Organisations NI, with NICVA and DetailData, hosted an event assessing the potential impact on carers from the Review of Adult Social Care.

We need to talk about death in Northern Ireland

THE cost of a burial plot in Northern Ireland ranges from £261 to £3,116, an investigation into death and dying by Detail Data has found.

Malicious hoax calls to NI Ambulance Service "putting lives at risk"

More than 9,300 potential hoax calls were made to the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) over two years, with the cost of dispatching ambulances to deal with these incidents estimated at nearly £200,000.

Extradition issue to become ‘toxic’ post-Brexit

THE extradition process "could become toxic once again” if the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is lost as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, a senior civil servant has warned.

8,158 deaths in Northern Ireland: "We need a suicide prevention strategy as a matter of urgency"

NEW figures have today confirmed that 297 people were officially recorded as having died from suicide in Northern Ireland in 2016.

More than 1,000 people now living with HIV in Northern Ireland

New data has revealed that more than 1,000 people known to be living with HIV in Northern Ireland, with 94 people being diagnosed with the condition in 2016 alone.   

Housing intimidation in Northern Ireland: More than 2,000 incidents but only 32 convictions

DESPITE nearly 2,000 validated incidents of people being forced from their homes in Northern Ireland due to housing intimidation in the past five years, just 32 convictions have been secured.

Postcode care lottery for people living with Huntington's Disease

A DECADE after the urgent need for five Huntington’s Disease co-ordinators in Northern Ireland was identified in a report – at least 48 patients with the rare brain condition have no access to the specialist support because of where they live.

Detail Data Partnership with the ADRC-NI

For some time, Detail Data and the ADRC NI have worked in partnership to bring different source of research and data to the voluntary and community sector to help inform their decision making, service delivery and strategic planning.

Report recommends new era of openness for family courts

MAJOR changes to Northern Ireland’s family court system have been recommended by a leading judge today following a two year review of the system.

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