Detail Data

Our aim is to develop the ability of the voluntary and community sector to use data effectively to create and enhance social, economic and environmental value.

The Detail Data project is a BIG Lottery NI funded partnership between NICVA and The Detail investigative journalism website.

The project will deliver training and provide advice and support to the sector in its use of data, in particular open data (data that is free to use, reuse and share). If you need help with data please get in touch!

Access the Detail Data Portal
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The open data portal will act as a central resource for accessing and using data sources in support of the development of data-based services and technologies.


Food for Thought

Every day in school more than 100,000 children from low-income families in NI have access to a nutritional lunch funded by the Department of Education. But who fills that void for struggling families during the 8 week school break? 

Mother and baby homes: the case for a public inquiry

THERE are growing calls from victims and campaigners for a public inquiry into Northern Ireland’s former mother and baby homes, with claims the findings would “shock this society to its core”.

Flaws exposed in plan to remove Northern Ireland’s peace walls

A GOVERNMENT commitment to “reduce, and remove, all interface barriers” by 2023 has been called into question after it emerged nearly one in five of the 116 structures are not included in the plan.

Less than half of Northern Ireland babies are breastfed in hospital

More than 42,000 babies have left Northern Ireland’s hospitals since April 2012 without having attempted breastfeeding, Detail Data can reveal.

PSNI urged to reconsider use of stop and search on under-18s

THE PSNI has used stop and search powers on under-18s nearly 25,000 times in the last five years, the vast majority of which do not result in any further action.

Government urged to call time on underage drinking

HUNDREDS of young people are being hospitalised, are ending up in custody, or are receiving long-term care as a result of problem alcohol use each year in Northern Ireland.

Detail Data Conference: Open Data for Funding, Citizens and Services

Last week’s Detail Data conference on the use of open data for funding, citizens and services attracted over 60 people from the VCSE, public and private sectors.

Stormont threat to lifeline for rural communities

A SCHEME that has provided more than 216,000 journeys in the past year to help people living in isolated rural areas, including the elderly and those with disabilities, is under threat due to Stormont cuts and policy change.

Waking up to Waste: How Northern Ireland's waste problem could leave a toxic legacy

Northern Ireland is producing more than two million tonnes of waste each year, with campaigners claiming that inadequate government policies could create a toxic legacy for future generations.

Living with HIV in Northern Ireland

NEW statistics show that 934 people are now known to be living with HIV in Northern Ireland – the highest number ever on record.

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Organisations providing support to people and communities during the COVID-19 emergency can share their service information

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