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Information Governance and Cyber Security resources and recording

26 Oct 2020Sandra Bailie cyber security, GDPR, Webinar Recordings, Accelerator ProgrammeTraining and Skills Development, ICT

On 15 October, Get Safe Online Global 24, NICVA hosted an Information Governance and Cyber Security webinar as part of the CFNI Accelerator Programme.

Success in funding applications(CFNI) webinar resources

14 Oct 2020Sandra Bailie Accelerator Programme, Funding, Fundraising, Webinar RecordingsFundraising

On 14 October Lynn Kennedy from NICVA delivered a webinar on Success in Funding Applications as part of the CFNI Accelerator programme funded by Department for Communities (DfC). 

Identifying and managing risk (CFNI) webinar recording

8 Oct 2020Denise Copeland Accelerator Programme, risk assessment, COVID19 (Coronavirus), Webinar RecordingsGovernance (COVID19), Running your Organisation (COVID19)

If you missed our webinar on Identifying and Managing Risk on 7 October 2020 you can watch it now via the link below. 

Fundraising in this new context: webinar recording and resources

1 Oct 2020Sandra Bailie Accelerator Programme, Fundraising, Fundraising Regulation in NI, Webinar RecordingsFunding and Fundraising (COVID19), Fundraising, Fundraising Regulation, Training and Skills Development

On 30 September NICVA facilitated a 'Fundraising in this new context' webinar as part of the CFNI Accelerator Programme funded by the Department for Communities.

Managing finances and options for sustainability in uncertain times Webinar recording

28 Sep 2020Denise Copeland Accelerator Programme, Finance, Merger, Webinar RecordingsGovernance and Charity Advice, Governance (COVID19), COVID19 Updates

NICVA facilitated a webinar on 24 September 2020 on 'Managing finances in uncertain times and the options for sustainability.'  

Skills Match Cyber Security webinar and resources

24 Sep 2020Sandra Bailie cyber security, information, GDPR, Webinar RecordingsTraining and Skills Development

BITC and NICVA hosted a Back to Basics Cyber Security webinar as part of the Skills Match programme on 23 Sept. Here are some tips from it along with the webinar recording. 

The Accelerator Programme with CFNI and NICVA

2 Sep 2020Sandra Bailie Accelerator Programme, Webinar Recordings, Governance, Fundraising, Social MediaTraining and Skills Development, Fundraising, Governance and Charity Advice

Between September 2020 and May 2021, NICVA worked with The Community Foundation for NI and Department for Communities to deliver the Accelerator Programme. 

Return to premises: resources & webinar recording

22 Jul 2020Sandra Bailie return to work, risk assessment, Insurance, Webinar RecordingsCOVID 19, Running your Organisation (COVID19)

On Wednesday 22 July 2020 NICVA hosted a webinar with speakers from Public Health Agency (PHA), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Marsh Ltd on return to premises with 289 people attending.

Financial Planning Webinar - with Rosemary Gallagher

9 Jul 2020Una McKernan Finance, Webinar RecordingsGovernance and Charity Advice, Governance (COVID19), Training and Skills Development

NICVA facilitated a webinar on 3 July 2020 on Finanical Planning.    Thanks to Rosemary Peters Gallagher OBE (Moore NI LLP) for delivering the session

Test, trace and protect webinar with Public Health Agency - recording

8 Jul 2020Sandra Bailie COVID19 (Coronavirus), Webinar RecordingsCOVID19 Updates

On 7 July NICVA hosted a webinar with the Public Health Agency on Staying out of lockdown: test, trace and protect. We were joined by over 60 people to learn more about how we can protect our communities and keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay.