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NICVA is working closely with Universities and others to encourage research that has tangible positive impacts and benefits for society, meets key needs identified by our sector, and is carried out through positive collaboration and partnership.

Research and Reports

Results of NICVA Research on the Impact of Covid-19 on Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic NICVA has been carrying out regular surveys to find out how NI Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations and their activities and services are being impacted. Read more about the findings here.


QUB funds researcher/sector partnerships to tackle social impacts of Covid-19

Queen’s University's ‘Covid-19 Rapid Response' projects are partnering researchers and voluntary/ community organisations to address the social impacts of Covid-19.

How is the NI VCSE sector funded? – NICVA’s State of the Sector research reveals the latest figures.

NICVA’s latest Income and Expenditure 2019 update has revealed that the total income received by the VCSE sector in Northern Ireland was £728,761,125.

As Charitable Giving falls in Northern Ireland, charities are going digital to fund their work

NICVA’s latest survey of Charitable Giving in Northern Ireland shows that donations have fallen since 2019, but that in the same period digital giving is on the rise.

NICVA Profiles the Size and Scope of the NI Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector

As of February 2020, it is estimated that there are 6,122 organisations in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in Northern Ireland (NI).

NI sector organisations employ over 53,000 and 1 in 7 involve EU mainland nationals

NICVA’s latest Workforce Survey has revealed that an estimated 53,620 individuals are employed within the VCSE sector in NI.

Research partnerships with the VCSE sector – NICVA and QUB hold their first joint Community Based Research Engagement Event

In February, NICVA and the Research and Enterprise Directorate at QUB hosted their first ever joint event on facilitating community based research as part of the Engaged Research Action Plan 2019-2021.

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