Advice to Boards on Collaboration

This guidance has been developed by CollaborationNI to help the boards of voluntary and community organisations apply good governance when working together towards collaboration.
Advice to Boards Guidance Cover
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As voluntary and community organisations seek to realise the potential benefits of working collaboratively, it is important that the legal duties of directors and trustees and the fundamental principles of good governance are kept in mind. Early consideration needs to be given to the important role of the board when collaboration is being considered and implemented.

Collaboration can range from a very simple arrangement to share resources or deliver a project together, through to a more integrated arrangement and possibly even a full merger. As the level of collaboration increases, so does the risk and so should the involvement and oversight by the board.

This Guidance Note sets out:

  • Trends in voluntary and community sector governance in relation to collaboration
  • The particular responsibilities of directors/trustees acting as board members during the collaboration process
  • Potential governance pitfalls when collaborating with others
  • Some key questions and issues for the board to address
  • Legal implications
  • Tips for board chairs

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