Assessment of the Impact of Gap or Interim Funding

An assessment of the impact of gap / interim funding on the sustainability of voluntary and community sector organisations.

This research, completed in June 2002, assesses the impact of the gap/interim funding period on the sustainability of voluntary and community organisations.

The research is based on a number of interviews with organisations in receipt of gap/interim funding. The interviews sought to elicit information on the impact of gap/interim funding in relation to staff losses and staff retention issues, financial management, eligibility criteria, the role of network organisations and the identification of mechanisms to address information gaps. At the stage the research was carried out, many of the groups interviewed had been on minimal levels of funding for almost two years. This gap turned out to be longer than anyone had anticipated and had a pervasive impact on the voluntary and community sector.

Key findings:

  • Detrimental effects due to continued delays are split into six sections. These include demotivation of staff, high turnover of staff, loss of expertise, experience and knowledge, loss of impetus of the project, deviation from the purpose of the project and organisations feeling insecure, undermined and undervalued.

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