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8 Jan 2024 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 15 Feb 2024

NICVA like many organisations is on an EDI journey learning and improving our practice and policy.

Over the last number of months we have been learning more about EDI and how we can improve as an organisation. We have developed an EDI Strategy, engaged in training and have set up an internal working group.  We are planning to review our policies, continue to raise awareness of staff, review our board membership, continue to feature our diverse range of member organisations and promote EDI culture.

This resource links to some useful information and training we have come across and  NICVA members that we have engaged with.

If you have suggestions for resources, training or would like to share your EDI journey as an organisation we would love to hear from you.

What is EDI in the workplace?


“Equality in the workplace means equal job opportunities and fairness for employees and job applicants. You must not treat people unfairly because of reasons protected by discrimination law ('protected characteristics'). For example, because of sex, age or race.” (ACAS) 


“Diversity is the range of people in your workforce. For example, this might mean people with different ages, religions, ethnicities, people with disabilities, and both men and women. It also means valuing those differences.” (ACAS) 


An inclusive workplace means everyone feels valued at work. It lets all employees feel safe to come up with different ideas; raise issues and suggestions to managers, knowing this is encouraged; try doing things differently to how they have been done before, with management approval. An inclusive workplace can help lower the risk of bullying, harassment and discrimination.” (ACAS) 

Useful resources


Equality, diversity, and inclusion in your grant applications | NICVA

Labour Relations Agency

Labour Relations Agency - Official | Improving employment relations in Northern Ireland (lra.org.uk)

Respectful Conversations Podcast and Guide | Labour Relations Agency - Official (lra.org.uk)

Legal Island

NICVA eLearning Training Partnership (legal-island.com)

Diversity & Inclusion - The Importance of Conscious Inclusion in the Northern Ireland Workplace Online eLearning Training Course | Legal Island (legal-island.com)

Charity People

How to run an inclusive recruitment process (youtube.com)


Free inclusion and diversity resources | Free L&D resources (laughology.co.uk)

Civil Society

Pari Dhillon: Equality, diversity and inclusion is good governance (civilsociety.co.uk)

Getting on Board

Free guides for charities | Getting on Board

Download How to Diversify your Charity's Board: a practical guide (hs-sites-eu1.com)

Diversity Mark

Diversity Mark - The mark of progressive company. (diversity-mark-ni.co.uk)

Employers for Disability


Disability Days Calendar 2024

The Now Group - Jam Card

Just a minute of patience | JAM Card | Autism | Hidden disability | Northern Ireland

Equality Commission for NI

ECNI - Employers and Service Providers, Equality Commission NI (equalityni.org)

NICVA members that we have connected with on our EDI journey

We would love to hear from any of our members that are engaged in promoting EDI and can help other organisations on their journey to increased understanding and improved practice. Please contact Sandra Bailie and you can be added to the list below.

JoinHer Network CIC

Specialisterne NI | Autism & Aspergers Talent Recruitment

ACSONI – Supporting the African and Caribbean community in Northern Ireland

Employers For Disability NI

Home - rainbow (rainbow-project.org)

ChangeMaker — WheelWorks Arts

Deafblind UK | Supporting Deafblindness in the UK

Home - ArtsEkta

Examples from our other organisations

We would love to share stories of your EDI journey with others in our sector - please contact Sandra Bailie if you would be willing to be featured.

Implementing the first phase of our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy | Fundraising Regulator


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