Organising a Fundraising Event

Top tips on how to organise a successful fundraising event.

Choose your event

First you need to decide on the type of event you'll hold. There are loads of events and activities that you can support, sporting challenges to office fundraising.

Choose your time and date carefully, considering things like transport and what else is happening in the local area. 

Promote your event and get fundraising

Once you've worked out what kind of event you'll host or support, it's time to set your fundraising target and tell people about it!

You can use Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends about your event and to encourage them to take part or donate.

Things like raffles and auctions will raise even more awareness and you can put up posters in your local area or contact local papers to get some coverage. 

 An easy way to collect donations is by setting up an online donation page using JustGivingVirgin Money Giving or BT MyDonate.

Invite your guests

The more people who attend your event the more you can raise. Email, text, phone and post the details of your event to all your friends, family and contacts. You might like to create an event on Facebook or tweet the details to spread the word even further.

Get some support

Contact your local shops, pubs and restaurants and ask if they will donate prizes or display posters.  Tell all your friends in case they can help - from designing posters to sourcing raffle prizes. 

Get the most from donations

Ask everyone who donates to your event to complete a Gift Aid form. This means we'll be able to claim an extra 25p on every pound raised at no extra cost to you or the person making the donation. 

Have fun and make it safe

The key to a successful fundraising event is to enjoy yourself - the more fun you have, the more your guests are likely to give! It's also vital when holding any event that you keep it safe, legal and are careful to safeguard children. 

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