Organising a Fundraising Group

Helpful information on how to set up and run a Fundraising Group.

1. Have a committee description  

Include as much detail as possible like activities, meeting times and length, preferred skills and qualifications, and any other logistics you would want to know if you were joining the committee. 

2. Identify board leadership  

Make sure that the committees are led by active board members if possible. Having board members lead committees allows there to be seamless connection between the board and committees with communications, activities, reporting, etc.

3. Create and share your fundraising plan

Have a plan for how to develop raise money for your organisation. Review the plan regularly and find out what worked well, which goals need to be amended, and what just is not realistic. The plan helps with measurement and evaluation as well. Set SMART objectives.

4. Provide support

Staff and other volunteers are on the ground and working with stakeholders every day and they can share and support the committee’s efforts. Consider who will support the committee and how.

5. Offer training

Training will increase fundraising skills and confidence of your committee members and also shows a value in the committee members and your appreciation for their volunteer work.

6. Debrief fundraising activities

This isn’t only events (although you should always debrief events), but also includes projects like researching fundraising databases or annual donor appeals. 

7. Celebrate successes 

When an individual or the group have a great success celebrate. Feeling appreciated is a big reason why people keep up with their volunteer work. 

8. Create accountability

Having a committee description, evaluations, and feedback will help to keep people committed to their roles.  Also keep track of committee and event attendance as well as follow through on commitments. 

9. Recruit people with a willingness to learn

Cultivating a volunteer over time and recognising that person could evolve into a lifelong donor, ambassador, and leader.

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