Providing Staff with References

This article outlines NICVA's policy with regards to providing employees with a reference.

It is NICVA’s policy to provide an employment reference if requested to do so by current or former employees.

NICVA employees who require a reference can only make requests from line managers, Directors or the Chief Executive, after having received prior permission from the aforementioned person to do so. The Human Resources Manager can provide assistance on the completion of all references to ensure consistency and the accuracy of information. NICVA shall endeavour to complete references based on fact; opinions which are subjective regarding suitability shall be avoided. All completed references will be approved by the Chief Executive.

Only individuals in the above positions are authorised to supply references. No other serving member of staff is permitted to allow their name to be given for the purpose of an employer's reference without the approval of the Chief Executive.

However, serving members of staff may give references provided they do so in a private capacity making this clear in the letter. Such references must not be written on NICVA headed notepaper.

Upon receipt of a reference request, NICVA shall not release any information for the purpose of the reference without first obtaining consent to do so from the employee to which the reference pertains.

We share NICVA’s policies to assist organisations in drafting their own. However, our policies are relevant to NICVA and are not samples. They should not be replicated, but may be used for reference purposes, in conjunction with other guidance available. NICVA cannot accept any claims arising from error or misinterpretation.

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