Review Your Collaboration

Organisations involved in collaborative work should review it at regular intervals. This questionnaire is a tool for collaborative work groups to use to begin to review their collaboration and assess if it is meeting its envisioned outcomes.

This questionnaire provides a tool for members to review their collaboration. It can be used by a group to provide a jumping off point for discussions and highlight potential issues not all members might be aware of. It can also be completed by individual members of a collaboration and used to compare responses to see how closely aligned (or not) views about the work are.

It may highlight areas where the work needs to be discussed or renegotiated, or it might highlight differences in the ways different members see the work progressing. Part of successful collaborative work is being willing to take part in open discussion with partners and make changes to the way things get done when they are for the good of the collaboration overall.

This questionnaire provides a tool to review a collaboration across many different areas to assess its success.

Every effort is made to ensure that the contents of this document are accurate, but the advice given should not be relied on as a definitive legal statement.